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    A landlord lets his property to a couple with their child. They are signing the rental contract.

    Letting your property

    As a landlord, you have the goal of letting your property profitably and free of sorrows. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a precise knowledge of the actual market conditions and legal requirements.

    Due to its many particularities, the rental market in Munich requires permanent observation to perceive the regular changes at an early stage and to achieve the optimal result when letting a property.


    Isar Estate is your distinguished estate agency based in the city of Munich. We are specialised in the rental of private luxury and commercial properties in Munich and surroundings.

    Our full service for landlords

    We support you from the first assessment until the handover of your property to your new tenant is completed. We take all efforts to achieve a safe and successful letting of your property.


    Assessment of the status quo

    Starting with a physical, video or phone appointment, we intend to understand your main priorities for letting your property. For instance, we will assess whether you prefer a short- or long term tenancy agreement and with which tenant profile you feel comfortable. We evaluate your property in detail and compile all the essential information for taking the next steps successfully.


    Calculation of the rental fee

    Based on the results of our assessment, we calculate the rental price, which corresponds with the price-level on the rental market.
    We will explain to you the details of the rental price calculation parameters. Furthermore, we can also advise you on the possibility of fixing graduated or index-based rent increases in the tenancy agreement.


    Tailor-made marketing strategy

    In the next step, we develop a tailor-made marketing strategy for the letting of your property. We define the right target group of potential tenants through the analysis of the location, the living space and the characteristic features of your property. The resulting marketing strategy is the core basis for a fast and successful rental of your property.


    Marketing documents

    We will shoot professional photos and develop a creative wording for the advertisements, aiming at the appropriate target group. If necessary, we have the floor plan redrawn in a visually appealing way. In the next step we produce a high-quality sales folder for letting your property, which puts all its highlights and essential details in the spotlight. Responding to the increased demand for a digital format, we also provide sales folders to be viewed online through a computer or smartphone.


    Selection of the tenant

    The right choice of the tenant is essential. In addition to all valid rational selection criteria, this step requires experience and a good sense of sensitivity. By targeting the most promising group of tenants and professionally managing the viewing appointments, we support you to find the best fitting prospective tenants.


    Tenancy agreement and handover

    Due to a large number of complex legal requirements, it is crucial to draft a legally sound tenancy agreement. We will also support you with the handover of the property to your new tenant.


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