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    A couple sells a property and signs the notarial contract.

    Selling your property

    The sale of a real estate property is an extensive project that requires professional strategic planning, considerable time and monetary resources. We are happy to support you with your property sale.

    As a real estate owner, you ask yourself the question of how to sell your property at the highest possible market price and how to achieve this goal in the best way. You will also need to decide whether to sell the property by yourself or with the help of a professional estate agency.

    Selling your property by yourself

    In case you consider to sell your property without hiring a professional estate agency, it makes sense to reflect again on the multiple challenges of selling a property. If you want to sell your property by yourself, you would ideally be able to answer all the following points with ‘yes’:


    • You have a sound knowledge of the real estate market and can determine the value of your property by yourself.
    • You know precisely how to define the target group of potential buyers.
    • You are adept at creating professional photos, appealing texts and tailor-made marketing materials.
    • You have all the time resources for the above steps and numerable visits to administrative services such as the land registry of the district court.
    • You are ready to bear the costs for a property valuation, professional photos, high-end marketing materials and various online and offline advertisements yourself.
    • You have the business know-how and experience to respond strategically to attempts of potential buyers to lower the price.
    • You have a profound legal knowledge-base.
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    A villa with two floors and roof terrace
    A villa with gable roof
    A residential building with several floors
    Classical villa with 2 columns

    Selling with
    Isar Estate

    Preparatory steps

    As a first step, we suggest a physical, video or phone appointment. The aim is to get to know each other and to understand your needs entirely. We will also discuss all necessary details for working out the best marketing strategy for selling your property.


    Market-driven valuation of your property

    A market-driven and realistic valuation of your property is a substantial prerequisite for achieving optimal sale success. As your real estate expert, Isar Estate takes full care of the assessment of your property. This service is free of charge for you as our client. More about valuation.


    We also take care of the administrative formalities to obtain the relevant documents. If required, we will get the energy performance certificate (Energieausweis) for you.


    Tailor-made marketing strategy

    A thorough analysis of the relevant market segment and detecting the right target group are particularly critical. Based on our personal discussion, we will develop an individual strategy for the marketing and successful sale of your property.


    Marketing materials

    Following our elaboration of the marketing strategy, Isar Estate will prepare high-quality marketing documents. With professional photos, we highlight the unique features of your property from the very beginning. We especially pay attention to an expressive and aesthetic visual language.

    High-quality photos

    With professional photos, we highlight the unique features of your property from the very beginning. We especially pay attention to an expressive and aesthetic visual language.

    Attractive wording

    An appealing wording for an advertisement acts as a powerful magnet. It automatically attracts potential buyers and far more effective than a monotonous standard text. It is creative, authentic, and exciting. We are experienced writers of persuasive advertising messages for the promotion of the successful sale of your property.

    Detailed sales folder

    The sales folder, whether as an online or print version, is an essential business card for your property. We are only satisfied when your sales folder is perfect. By the way, as a large number of potential buyers looks at the sales folder online, we are also technically equipped to format the sales folder accordingly.

    Additional marketing documents

    It often makes sense to redraw floor plans of a property to make them more visually appealing. We will take care of this. If required, we also create inspiring flyers, as well as attractive posters and signs.



    During the marketing phase, we will apply all proven measures for realising the sale as quickly as possible.

    Advertisements and announcements

    In line with the diligently developed marketing strategy, we will place online advertisements on the relevant Internet portals and also newspaper ads if required. Further, we will address prospective buyers, who are known to us.

    Home staging

    For a better visual appearance of your property, even small measures and cosmetic repairs will have a significant effect on the sales process. Around 80 per cent of the population is unable to imagine how empty rooms would look like if they were furnished. If your property is vacant, it is worth considering to supply it temporarily with selected pieces of furniture through ‚Home Staging‘.

    Viewing the property

    A seriously interested prospective buyer generally prefers an individual viewing appointment. This procedure gives the buyer space and time to connect with the potentially new centre of life. Of course, we only arrange personal viewing appointments in case you favour it. If you are living in the property to be sold and prefer to maintain your privacy, we will find a feasible solution for this scenario too.


    Prospective buyers often have a list of detailed questions after the viewing. Isar Estate will take care of the prompt clarification and answering of all these questions.


    Sale of our property

    As soon as a prospective buyer decides to purchase your property, the sales process enters the decisive phase.

    Credit assessment

    It is essential to thoroughly assess the risk of a prospective buyer overestimating his financial resources. In the worst-case scenario, he is not able to find a bank that is willing to finance the purchase of the property. It is therefore of high relevance to check the buyer’s creditworthiness at an early stage of the upcoming transaction.

    Negotiation of the sales price

    With our experience and sensitivity from many successfully concluded price negotiations, Isar Estate supports you strategically and tactically in achieving the optimal sales price. Sometimes a buyer tries to negotiate a lower price just before the signing of the contract. We prepare for this scenario or any other possible moves on the part of the prospective buyer, for completing the sale of your property successfully on time.

    Purchase contract and notary appointment

    We also assist you in preparing the purchase contract and the notary appointment. If needed, we support you to engage expert tax consultants and lawyers.

    Handover of the property

    The notarized purchase contract fixes the essential details for the property transfer. We further support you with the final handover of the property to the buyer, which will be recorded by us with a detailed handover protocol.

    Our after-sales service commitment

    Our service commitment does not end with the sales of your property. In case of additional issues emerging after the completion of the transaction, we will be happy to continue supporting you.

    Isar Estate is at your side with a great deal of commitment and all-round professional service.


    While we have our roots in the Munich district of Harlaching, we are engaged all over the city and its surroundings.



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