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    Land with meadow for sale Munich

    Sell land Munich

    Do you own a plot of land in Munich that you would like to sell at a good price? As experienced real estate agents, we at Isar Estate know the challenges and opportunities that come with selling a property. We accompany you competently through the entire sales process!

    What you should consider for the successful sale of your property in Munich

    Land is particularly sought after in a highly competitive region like Munich. However, this does not mean that the sale is quasi "automatic". On the one hand, the sale of a property is often linked to strong emotions - for example, if a property is to be sold from a community of heirs or after a divorce. On the other hand, the sale of real estate in Munich is extremely complex and requires a high degree of expertise. Therefore, it is worthwhile to call on the support of an experienced estate agent.

    When you sell your property in Munich with us at Isar Estate, you can count on our integrity as well as our expert knowledge as a local real estate agent. We value a transparent way of working, communication at eye level and reconcile your personal needs with the legally prescribed framework.

    Preparatory phase of the land sale

    Proper planning is the key to success. This guiding principle applies in particular if you want to sell a property in Munich and the surrounding area. The first thing we do, therefore, is to get to know your wishes exactly and get a comprehensive picture of your property.

    Based on our findings, we develop a solid sales strategy that takes into account your needs as well as all essential factors of the property sale.

    In a next step, we collect the documents you need for the sale of your property in Munich. If important documents are not available, we will take care of their procurement or preparation. In addition, we inform you in detail about the costs involved. We then carry out a comprehensive data evaluation. This is the basic prerequisite for a professional valuation of your land.

    It is important to have clarity about which property fits on your plot and what area may be built on. The value of your property does not only depend on the known variables such as the square metre or the standard land value. There are many other factors that determine the value of the property. For example, the location, the layout of the plot, the building rights and the encumbrances in Section II of the land register play an important role in determining the value.

    Incidentally, not only a price that is set too low, but also one that is set too high can have a negative effect on the sale of your property in Munich.


    As a quality broker, we at Isar Estate take care of obtaining all the documents for you. This saves you stressful dealings with the authorities and a lot of time.

    Sales phase

    We create a meaningful exposé for your property, inform interested parties from our client file, proactively approach professional investors and publish advertisements via the relevant channels. Thanks to our many years of activity, we are well networked in the region and efficiently find potential buyers for your property.

    If your property is suitable for purchase by property developers, we actively approach this interesting target group. We know which property developers in Munich come into question for your plot size and know their parameters for calculating the purchase price. We also know which property developers actually make a serious offer for the purchase of your plot and with which investors you have to act with great caution. Especially when selling your property to developers, you should be accompanied by a professional estate agent in order to achieve the best possible sales price as a seller.

    With Isar Estate you benefit from a well thought-out all-round service: We take care of the inspection management, the negotiations and support you in checking the creditworthiness of the interested parties who want to buy your property. In addition, we take care of the many formalities involved in selling a plot of land.

    Sales processing

    As soon as we have found the perfect buyer for your property, we start to thoroughly draft the notarial purchase contract. We break down complex issues into understandable language so that all the contractual contents in the purchase contract are comprehensible to you down to the last detail. We organise the appointment with the notary and ensure that the handover of your property goes smoothly and that all important details are clearly regulated.

    Isar Estate: Our performance promise for you and your property

    Communicating high values - this philosophy has been a common thread running through our work for many years. We love what we do and always put you at the centre of our efforts. As a high-performance real estate agent, we support you with a lot of passion and know-how in successfully selling your property in Munich and the surrounding area. In doing so, we act discreetly, transparently as well as authentically - from preparation to marketing to aftercare.

    Six good reasons for working with Isar Estate


    We combine our rich experience with a lot of positive energy.


    We listen to you carefully - honestly, humanely and without time pressure.


    Transparency and open communication with our customers are a matter of course for us.


    We prepare complex data on the sale of land in an understandable way.


    You as a person and your economic interests are our focus.


    We offer you a professional all-round service - before, during and after the sale.

    Christian Duerr Founder

     We are here for you

    Are you considering selling your property in Munich and would like competent support to achieve the best possible result?

    Then you can rely on the experts at Isar Estate.

    We stand by you as a professional partner and put our heart and soul into selling your property for you at the optimum market price.

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    Questions and answers on the subject of selling land in Munich

    What factors influence the value of a property in Munich?

    How much your land is worth depends on various aspects. In addition to the official standard land value, these include, for example, the type of use of the land, any existing buildings and their condition, and any encumbrances or restrictions in the land register.

    When do property developers buy land in Munich?

    Selling land to a developer or investor can be a lucrative alternative to selling to private individuals, as a higher purchase price is usually achieved. The main criteria for developers are the buildability of the land and a suitable development plan. Depending on the type of developer, large plots of land for the construction of residential complexes or warehouses, for example, can be particularly interesting. It is best to speak to the estate agent you trust.


    What are the special features of the sale of an inherited property?

    If you have inherited a plot of land, you should consider some important points when disposing of it. You can inherit a property tax-free if the value of the property does not exceed a fixed tax-free amount. The amount of the tax-free amount depends on the degree of relationship between the testator and the heir. In addition, you must ensure that, in the case of a community of heirs, all parties are involved and agree to the sale. With regard to the land transfer tax, which is payable after the sale, it is also common in practice for inherited properties that the tax is paid by the respective purchaser.

    How long does a property sale take in Munich?

    It is not possible to give a general indication of how long it takes to sell a plot of land in Munich. However, in the current market environment there are many parties who want to buy land. Due to the high demand, however, the chances are good that the sale will take place promptly if you proceed professionally. In our experience, you should allow at least six months for the land sale.

    How can I successfully sell my property in Munich?

    Of course, you can take your property sale into your own hands. However, due to the complex legal situation in Germany, it is advisable to hand over the sale to a professional estate agent. This person is familiar with the specific conditions of the market for land and real estate in Munich and will be at your side from the planning stage through to the effective sale of your property.