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    Your real estate agent in Harlaching

    Villa estate agents Harlaching

    With Isar Estate's headquarters in Harlaching, it is only natural that we are particularly familiar with this beautiful district in the south-east of Munich. And it's really hard for us not to get too carried away. Life in Harlaching simply offers too much not to particularly appreciate it.

    As an experienced real estate agent for the city of Munich, we are the right partner to sell your house or flat in Harlaching at the best price.

    Nuances in the marketing strategy of a property often decide whether the optimal price can be achieved at sale and how quickly the property is sold. Even with sought-after properties, the best possible sale is not a foregone conclusion and even small mistakes often have a negative impact on the sales price.

    Professional property sales by your estate agent in Harlaching

    The philosophy of our service is that you, our clients, are at the centre of everything at all times. With our guiding principle of 'Conveying High Values', we will act for you economically in your best interest and always maintain a cordial approach.

    At the beginning of the Isar Estate concept, we take our time and listen to you carefully. Only in this way is it possible to work out a tailor-made strategy for your personal situation. Because your needs and wishes are the basis for developing a successful marketing strategy for your house or flat.

    Even though our district is very popular, the same maxim applies here as with every property sale: every step should be planned and implemented strategically and precisely. This is the only way to achieve an optimal sales result. After all, almost everyone who buys a house or a flat deals with the property so intensively that every cog must mesh until the notary appointment takes place and the sale is completed quickly and successfully.

    We support you in researching and compiling all the data and documents that are important for the sale. As an experienced real estate agent in Harlaching, we prepare a sound valuation for your property. On this basis, we propose a selling price that appreciates all aspects of the property market and is optimised specifically for your house or flat.

    In no case too low, but also never much too high above the market price! This is a simplified description of the right price for the sale of a property. Because if the selling price is far too high, the property is usually 'burned' on the market. The price is gradually pushed down by market participants, often below the actual market value. It is important to be aware of this when setting the selling price.

    We take care of all the steps that are important for the successful sale of your house or flat. These are for example:

    • Professional valuation
    • Determining the right target group
    • Aesthetic real estate photography & meaningful advertising copy
    • First-class exposé (online & print) for your property
    • Pre-selection of interested parties & management of viewings
    • Support in checking the creditworthiness of interested parties
    • Preparation of the notary appointment
    • Handover of the property to the buyer

    Valuation for your house and flat

    As an experienced estate agent, we prepare a detailed valuation for your house or flat. For owner-occupied single-family houses, the so-called asset value method is usually used. For a flat, depending on the situation, the comparative value method and / or the capitalised earnings value method may be used to determine the market value.

    Are you interested in an estimated value for your property, and in just three minutes? Then feel free to use our online tool free of charge. Please bear in mind that the online result can in no way replace an individual valuation by real estate professionals such as Isar Estate.

    Life in Harlaching

    Isar Flaucher Harlaching

    St. Anna Harlaching

    Tennis Kail Harlaching

    Lola Montez House

    Sledding hill Harlaching

    Our district has so much to offer that it is almost impossible to list all the advantages. In this context, we will only mention a few of the many highlights. For example, from the small lookout mountain in Perlacher Forst, the Muggl, you have an impressive view of the mountains in good weather.

    Numerous streets, such as Lindenstraße, still exude the special flair of the garden city of Harlaching and the Menterschwaige villa colony. The beautiful St. Anna pilgrimage church stands as a reminder of the beginnings of the first settlement of Harlaching in the 12th century.

    The old trees in the numerous small parks cause a joyful amazement at the diversity of nature. At the same time, the nose is delighted by the many fresh smells, such as the scent of the lime trees on Athener Platz.

    The infrastructure is also excellent. You can reach the city centre in ten minutes by underground from Mangfallplatz and in about 15 minutes by car. Whether two grammar schools, the primary school, several supermarkets, restaurants, florists, pharmacies and doctors: residents in Harlaching will find all these facilities directly in their district.

    Are you an active sports enthusiast? Jogging on the trim trail in Perlacher Forst, cycling on the banks of the Isar, playing tennis at Tennis Kail, there are so many possibilities! Passive sports enthusiast or football fan? Attending a public training session at FC Bayern München is very popular with young and old.

    Wanderlust for a trip to Austria or Italy? The motorway is within easy reach for excursions and adventures with about a five-minute drive.

    Harlaching, by the way, belongs to the 18th district in Munich, which is made up of the districts Untergiesing and Harlaching.

    Villa estate agents Harlaching

    Property prices for plots, houses and flats in Harlaching

    In the 18th district, there are approximately 67% detached houses. This includes villas, semi-detached houses and terraced houses. 26% of all houses are apartment buildings and only 7% are commercial properties. The high quality of life in Harlaching is reflected in the property prices. Anyone who wants to buy a house or flat here usually has to be wealthy or earn very well.

    This can be seen just by looking at the map of the Munich real estate appraisal committee: Most of the streets in this Munich district are highlighted in red. This colour marking is only awarded for the best location in Munich. The majority of Harlaching is thus classified as a particularly image-rich location close to the city centre as well as a traditional villa area. A smaller area is classified with yellow as a good location and only a tiny part with blue as an average location.

    According to data from the real estate market report by the Munich expert committee, a total of 11 individual residential plots were sold in the 18th district in 2022. The average size was around 1000 square meters. The purchase price per square meter of floor space was around 6,120 euros per square meter.

    According to our own research, the average purchase price per square meter of living space for existing apartments in Harlaching was around EUR 10,500 in 2022, and around EUR 16,400 for new-build apartments.

    In 2022, an average of EUR 21 per square meter of living space was paid for newly rented existing apartments in Harlaching. The average rent for new-build apartments was around 25.5 euros.

    Christian Duerr Founder

    Our leitmotif: Conveying High Values

    We are your experienced real estate agent in the heart of Harlaching. The philosophy of our service is that you, our clients, are at the centre of everything at all times. With our guiding principle of 'conveying high values', we will act for you economically in your best interests and always maintain a cordial approach.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Dürr
    Founder Isar Estate

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    Questions and answers about real estate in Harlaching

    Why should I sell or rent my property through an estate agent in Harlaching?

    Harlaching is one of Munich's most upscale and quiet residential areas and is therefore in high demand on the real estate market. It is important to think through every step of the sale or rental process carefully so that no serious mistakes are made. An experienced real estate agent will help you determine the right selling or rental price and guide you through the entire process.

    What rent can I charge for my flat in Harlaching?

    The determination of the optimal rental price depends on a number of factors and can therefore not be fixed across the board. Aspects such as the location, the year of construction, the number of square metres and the infrastructure of the flat can particularly influence the rent. But also points in the furnishings, such as a fitted kitchen, a balcony or a garden, are essential components in determining the optimal rental price. An estate agent will help you to take all factors into account and determine the right rent.

    What average property prices can I expect in Harlaching when selling a house or flat?

    Harlaching is classified as one of the highest-quality and most sought-after residential areas in Munich. However, the high demand is also reflected in the property prices. Prices in Harlaching have risen sharply in recent years. In 2021, the average purchase price for existing flats will be around EUR 9,700/m², and for new flats over EUR 15,000/m². Single-family houses are hardly on the market in the Harlaching district; prices for semi-detached houses range between EUR 2 and 4 million.

    What leisure activities does the Harlaching district offer?

    The district of Harlaching has a number of leisure facilities to offer. From the small lookout mountain in Perlacher Forst, the Mugl, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the mountains in fine weather. Idyllic walks through Perlacher Forst are also very popular with Harlaching residents on nice days. For residents who love sports, the fitness trail in Perlacher Forst is a great way to combine sport and exercise. The nearby Isarauen also invite you to go for a walk, jog or cycle. The Vollmarpark and the spacious green areas at Athener Platz are great places to relax. There are also two swimming pools nearby and the zoo in the neighbouring district of Thalkirchen is in the immediate vicinity. For football enthusiasts, the training grounds of FC Bayern München are a popular place to go, especially during public training sessions.

    What can be said about the quality of the residential area in Harlaching?

    The quality of the residential location in Harlaching is excellent. The city of Munich's expert committee classifies almost all of Harlaching as the best location. This top classification is only awarded to locations with a particularly high image and traditional villa areas. Properties in Harlaching are in high demand. Harlaching is characterised by luxurious residential areas with beautiful villas and houses. The quality of living is further enhanced by Perlacher Forst, the proximity to the Isar river and the associated natural idyll. In the Perlacher Forst area there is a mixture of detached houses, semi-detached and terraced houses, as well as apartment blocks. In the area of the Isarhochufer and Menterschwaige, a number of stately villas from the 20th century, but increasingly also modern buildings, are strung together.

    What are the general transport connections like in Harlaching?

    Harlaching is characterised by its proximity to nature, but also by its good connections to the city centre. The city centre can be reached in less than ten minutes from the Mangfallplatz underground station. Tram lines 15 and 25 run along Grünwalder Straße and Geiselgasteigstraße. By car, you can reach the middle ring road and the A995 motorway in just a few minutes.