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    Your real estate agent in Bogenhausen

    Real estate agent house sale villa munich

    Are you looking for an experienced real estate agent in Bogenhausen to sell or rent your property, house or flat?

    As the owner of Isar Estate, I have had an intense relationship with this beautiful Munich district for many decades. This is because my parents were the owners of a perfumery in Ismaninger Straße for over 30 years. When I was a child, I loved spending my afternoons there. I also spent many happy hours at my grandmother's in Herzogpark, who lived here until she was 106 years old.

    What is special about Bogenhausen is its versatility. This unique district of Munich is often first associated with the listed villas that can be found in particular in the streets between Prinzregentenstraße and Montgelasstraße. And that's not surprising, because Bogenhausen shines thanks to these ornate buildings from the late Wilhelminian period. But Bogenhausen offers much more! Think, for example, of the many green spaces, the Bogenhausen Park City created in the 1950s, the Arabellapark or the stately Herzogpark with its proximity to the Isar and the English Garden.

    We are your real estate agent for Bogenhausen - discreet and authentic

    Contrary to what some people think, selling a property is never a foregone conclusion. This is just as true in times of high demand for real estate. The sale of a house or a flat should always be planned, prepared and executed in detail. If this is not the case, the selling owner can leave a large sum of money lying around. Because often the smallest details or mistakes in the sales process mean sensitive losses in the sales profit. As an experienced real estate agent, we offer you a well thought-out and proven all-round service. We will accompany you with full focus from the first conversation to the handover after the sale.

    Our guiding principle as your real estate agent for Munich and Bogenhausen is "Conveying high values". That is why personal and cordial service is important to us. Our claim is to inspire you and to make all processes as pleasant as possible for you. We take care of all the details right from the start!

    First of all, we take a lot of time for a detailed discussion with you in order to understand your personal situation, your ideas and your needs exactly. In this way, we can individually design the marketing strategy and perfectly match it to you and your house or flat.

    In the next step, we use our wealth of experience to create a professional analysis of all relevant data. It is important to define the most promising prospective buyers before marketing. The detailed elaboration of the target group is one of the most important elements for selling your property at the optimal market price.

    With our specialisation in high-quality real estate, we as your real estate agent for Munich-Bogenhausen set a high standard for the quality of our work. With visually appealing images and creative texts, we put your house or flat in the ideal light. We create an aesthetic and informative exposé that will make an excellent impression on your property with the right target group from the very first moment.

    The pre-selection of serious interested parties and the inspection management are another important part of our service. Thanks to our extensive experience, we clarify all detailed questions with potential buyers and support you in checking their creditworthiness. As a professional real estate agent in Bogenhausen, we can also assist you with all issues relating to the preparation of the notary appointment.

    To help you understand our procedure, we have provided an overview of the steps we take to support you:

    • Detailed initial interview
    • Definition and elaboration of the target buyer group
    • Accurate valuation of your property
    • High quality pictures of your propertyto set the scene perfectly
    • Creation of appealing advertising texts
    • Preparation of a meaningful exposé
    • Pre-selection of all seriously interested parties
    • Inspection management for a stress-free and smooth process
    • Clarification of all professional, technical and legal questions of the buyers
    • Support with the credit check
    • Preparation of the notary appointment
    • Handover to the buyer

    We look forward to assisting you with the sale of your property, house or flat in Munich-Bogenhausen.

    Property valuation of your house or flat in Bogenhausen

    In order to determine the optimal selling price, we carry out a detailed property valuation for your property, house or flat. Depending on whether you want to sell a house or a flat, there are different methods for property valuation. The following methods are frequently used in practice:

    • For single-family houses and semi-detached houses: asset value method
    • For terraced houses and flats: Comparative value method and / or income method

    You also have the option of using our free online tool to calculate an initial estimated value for your property. Please note that no online tool can calculate the market price exactly. Rather, this is an initial estimate that can serve as a rough guide for you.

    As an experienced Munich estate agent for Bogenhausen, we will be happy to provide you with a detailed property valuation.

    Living in Bogenhausen

    House estate agent Bogenhausen

    Peace Angel Bogenhausen

    When you think of Bogenhausen, you may see the Friedensengel at the Maximiliansanlagen in front of you, or you may remember relaxing walks in one of the many green spaces and cycling tours along the Isar. Many culture-loving residents of Munich will dream of a visit to the Prinzregententheater, the cultural heart of Bogenhausen. The enchanting Villa Stuck in Prinzregentenstraße also delights its many visitors. The café in this unique Jungendstil villa invites you to linger longer in the enchanting ambience. The popular English Garden, one of the world's largest inner-city parks and a hallmark of Munich, is also not far away. How about a picnic on one of the extensive green spaces or a visit to the beer garden at the Chinese Tower?

    Once you've landed in Bogenhausen, you generally don't want to move away again. This is the view of many people who live in this special district of Munich. Especially in Möhlstraße and Maria-Theresia-Straße on the eastern bank of the Isar River, there are many unique villas from the late Wilhelminian period that represent the stately Bogenhausen. But many other streets in Alt-Bogenhausen are also home to numerous listed old buildings with park-like grounds. The origin of the district lies around the church of St. Georg, here you can still find the village flair of the former farming village, which was only incorporated into the state capital Munich in 1892.

    Not far from St. George's Church begins Herzogpark, named after Duke Max in Bavaria. It is beautifully situated between the Isar river in the west and the Isar high bank in the east. The buildings in Herzogpark are an interesting mixture of old villas and modern luxury homes. Due to its seclusion, its proximity to the city centre, the Isar and the English Garden, Herzogpark is also a preferred residential area for many prominent Munich residents.

    After the Second World War Bogenhausen continued to grow, especially outside the Mittlerer Ring. In the 1950s the Bogenhausen Park City was created and from the 1960s the Arabellapark with many large housing estates and high-rise buildings.

    Bogenhausen has an extremely good infrastructure. S-Bahns, buses, the underground and the tram are available almost around the clock. The S8 towards the airport runs through the outskirts of Bogenhausen and you can reach Munich city centre in a few minutes via the U4. Due to the central location, schools, kindergartens, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and various sports and leisure facilities are in the immediate vicinity.

    Real estate agent house sale villa munich

    Prices on the Bogenhausen property market

    The high real estate prices in Munich-Bogenhausen reflect the desirability of this Munich neighborhood. Bogenhausen is very diverse, so the average price per square meter can only give a superficial picture of the prevailing real estate prices. For existing apartments, one pays an average of about 11,500 euros per square meter of living space, while prices in the absolute best locations reach up to 25,000 euros per square meter. For new apartments in excellent locations, prices range from around 15,000 euros to 25,000 euros per square meter of living space.

    The sales prices of the few detached houses on the market had a huge range, so that an average view does not give a meaningful insight into the house prices of Bogenhausen. In general, when selling a house or flat in Bogenhausen, it is important to note that in the segment of the many luxury properties, considerable premiums can sometimes be achieved once again on the sales prices determined within the framework of the usual valuation procedures. As your experienced real estate agent for Bogenhausen, we would be happy to provide you with more information and advice on this important point when selling your house or flat.

    In 2021, the average rent for rented flats was around 24 euros per square metre.

    Christian Duerr Founder

    Our guiding principle as real estate agents for Bogenhausen: Conveying high values

    We are your experienced real estate agent for Bogenhausen. The philosophy of our service is that you, our clients, are at the centre of everything at all times. With our guiding principle of 'conveying high values', we will act for you economically in your best interests and always maintain a cordial approach.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Dürr
    Founder Isar Estate

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    Questions and answers about real estate in Bogenhausen

    Why should I sell or rent my property through a real estate agent in Bogenhausen?

    Bogenhausen is an extremely sought-after residential area due to its exposed location between Herzogpark and the Isarhochufer. Prices per square meter in this heterogeneous district range from around €10,000 to around €25,000 per square meter of living space. In order to achieve an optimal price when selling or renting your property in Bogenhausen, professional assistance is recommended. An experienced real estate agent at your side will advise you on how to determine the right price.

    What rent can I charge for my apartment in Bogenhausen?

    To evaluate the rental price, you must take into account parameters such as the residential location, the year of construction and the living space of your apartment. In addition, factors such as furnishings, degree of modernization and available usable space play an important role in determining a rent that can be achieved on the market. The legal framework around the Mietpreisbremse should also be taken into account. A professional real estate agent will support you in determining the rent and marketing your property.

    What average prices can I expect when selling real estate in Bogenhausen?

    Bogenhausen is one of the most distinguished neighborhoods in Munich and has, among other things, an attractive stock of old buildings from the late Wilhelminian period and many stately homes in Herzogpark and Alt-Bogenhausen. Thanks to its proximity to the Isar River and the city center, it is not surprising that living and housing in Bogenhausen is in high demand. The high popularity is also reflected in the real estate prices. In Bogenhausen's prime locations, plots of land sometimes fetch prices of more than €10,000 per square meter of floor space. Newly built apartments in Bogenhausen's particularly good locations sell for between around €15,000 and €25,000 per square meter. Existing apartments are priced at an average of around €11,500 per square meter.

    What are the transport connections like in Bogenhausen?

    Due to its size, Bogenhausen is located close to the city center on the one hand, while on the other hand the district extends to the northeastern edge of the city. The Mittlerer Ring runs through Bogenhausen and separates the district of Alt-Bogenhausen from the rest of the city along the Richard-Strauss-Tunnel, Effnerplatz and Isarring. The A 94 in the direction of Passau can be reached in a few minutes by car. The outer districts are connected by S-Bahn line 8 from Munich Airport to the city center, while the inner districts are served by U-Bahn line 4 from Arabellapark via Prinzregentenplatz to downtown Munich. Streetcar lines 16 and 17 connect Bogenhausen with the neighboring districts of Haidhausen and Lehel.

    What recreational opportunities does the Bogenhausen district offer?

    Bogenhausen offers a variety of recreational opportunities due to its location between the banks of the Isar River and Munich's surrounding countryside. Many parks and green spaces such as the Herzogpark, the Maximiliansanlagen or the Bürgerpark Oberföhring invite you to stroll. The English Garden is also only a stone's throw away from Herzogpark. For sporty swimming enthusiasts, the Cosimawellenbad or the Prinzregentenbad are a welcome address. Those interested in culture will also find numerous opportunities in Bogenhausen, such as the magnificent artist's villa of the Art Nouveau artist Franz von Stuck or the Prinzregenten Theater, which is considered the birthplace of the Munich Opera Festival.

    What taxes are involved in the sale of real estate?

    As a rule, the buyer is subject to land transfer tax. In Bavaria, the real estate transfer tax amounts to 3.5% in relation to the notarized purchase price, whereby the price for the inventory purchased with the property can be deducted. The seller has to pay speculation tax if he sells his property within the speculation period. For more information, please read our blog post "Spekulationssteuer bei Immobilien - Das sollten Sie wissen".