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    Sell a flat in Munich

    You are the owner of an apartment in Munich and would like to sell it or are at least thinking about it? Then you are in the right place. It definitely makes sense to weigh this up at the moment. Over the last decade, there has been an extremely positive development in the prices of real estate in Munich. Will prices continue to rise or fall? No one can see into the future, so this question cannot be answered.

    The fact is, however, that rising interest rates will cause many buyers to drop out, as they will simply no longer be able to afford to buy a more expensive home, which is currently still possible. It is also a fact that if sales prices fall, some properties will be affected for longer and possibly even permanently, while others will be affected for a shorter period.

    It therefore makes perfect sense to consider the sale of a condominium in Munich at this time. We will be happy to help you objectively with the decision-making process, which depends on many criteria such as the location, year of construction and condition of your apartment.

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    We sell your flat at the optimal market price

    Have you already decided to sell your condominium? Whether it's a penthouse, maisonette or apartment: As a quality estate agent from the beautiful district of Harlaching, we are at your disposal with our experience and enthusiasm for real estate to realize the sale of your apartment in Munich quickly and at the best price.

    Our service is designed in such a way that we provide you with full support from the first step of the inventory to the handover of your apartment to the buyer. You will be happy to be supported by us as a professional estate agent, especially when it comes to determining the value of your condominium, marketing including the creation of an informative exposé, managing viewings and preparing the notarized purchase contract. And of course we will continue to be there for you with full commitment even after the successful sale of your apartment!

    Procurement of the important documents

    We support you in obtaining all documents and records. These preparatory steps are essential and sometimes time-consuming. It is important to carefully analyze the declaration of partition, minutes of the owners' meetings and the operating cost statements of the last few years. Sit back and relax. As an experienced broker with high quality standards, we take care of all these details.

    If required, we can also take care of obtaining the many other documents for you, for example:

    1. Current extract from the land register
    2. Building plans
    3. Floor plans
    4. Cancellation consent for the cancellation of the land charge
    5. Standard ground value
    6. Valid energy certificate
    7. Parcel map / site plan
    8. Examination of monument protection

    Evaluation of the data

    The correct evaluation of all data requires a lot of competence and experience. We take care of this for you. Based on the results of the evaluation, we prepare the next steps to successfully market your property.


    It is often also necessary to inspect the land register file in order to find out, among other things, details of the benefits and encumbrances on the property. We take care of all the necessary research!

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    Our valuation of your condominium in Munich

    When selling a property, every detail counts. This applies to the analysis and preparation as well as to the marketing phase of your home. Determining the right price for the sale of your home is an urgent step. You ask yourself: How much is your property worth? We prepare a well-founded valuation so that you can start the marketing process with the optimum selling price. Please note that even a price that is set far too high is extremely counterproductive for the sale and can cost the seller a lot of money. This is because moon prices often lead to a dangerous downward spiral on the real estate market, meaning that the property in question is ultimately sold for less than its market value.

    Incidentally, the comparative value method and the income capitalization method are usually used to determine the value of apartments. If you are interested in an initial estimate of the value of your apartment, we invite you to simply use our online valuation tool free of charge. It serves as an initial guide, but in no way replaces a detailed valuation by a professional in order to determine the optimum price for the sale.


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    What our customers say

    Mr. Dürr realized a major and complex real estate sale for us with pronounced prudence, expertise and seriousness. In doing so, Mr. Dürr convinced all parties, including co-owners and buyers, through his reliability and prudence of an approach that led to a successful and very gratifying conclusion of the sale. Since then, we have trusted the judgment and competence of Mr. Dürr and Isar Estate in all real estate matters.

    Christian Macketanz

    Professor at the Dresden University of Fine Arts

    Barcelona chair

    Mr. Dürr has been supporting me very successfully in my private and institutional real estate transactions for two decades now. I appreciate his analytical and strategic precision. I am also impressed by his ability to implement marketing and sales strategies very quickly and efficiently. Based on my many years of positive experience, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Mr. Dürr and Isar Estate.

    Alain Desvigne

    Chairman of the Board Amarenco group

    Egg chair

    Mr. Dürr is really dedicated and absolutely reliable. He took care of every detail, far beyond what was expected. Thanks to his expertise coupled with his pleasant manner and empathy, he is exactly the right broker when it comes to more difficult real estate matters. I can recommend Mr. Dürr without reservation.

    Klaus Wolf

    Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair

    I got to know Mr. Dürr as a very pleasant and fair person and estate agent. I am very satisfied with the support and the sale of my property. I will recommend Mr. Dürr at any time.

    Arnd Köster

    Panton chair

    Many thanks to Mr Dürr and Isar Estate for the sale of our house in Munich-Grünwald. With a great deal of knowledge of human nature, Mr Dürr reached an agreement between us and our tenants on the cancellation of the existing tenancy. This was the only way to sell our house in the best possible way.

    We are happy to recommend Isar Estate to others!

    Bock family

    Eames Plastci chair

    Isar Estate navigated us very quickly and successfully through the sale of our property in Munich. Not only the high professionalism, but also the empathy to harmonize the interests of a complex community of heirs made the sale possible.

    We thank Mr Dürr and recommend Isar Estate with full conviction.

    Kamp family

    Panton chair

    Questions and answers about selling an apartment in Munich

    What costs are incurred when selling an apartment in Munich?

    When selling an apartment in Munich, there are various costs that can vary depending on the personal situation and the specifics of the sales process. The most important costs are

    1. The notary and court costs are usually borne by the buyer.
    2. If a land charge is entered in the land register for the previous owner, this must be deleted as part of the sale. The costs for this are borne by the seller.
    3. Estate agent's commission: If you use an estate agent to sell your home, you and the buyer usually share the estate agent's commission to be paid.

    Further costs may arise before the sale, for example if the apartment is in need of renovation and (partial) renovation before the sale makes economic sense. We recommend that you seek advice from an expert. This will ensure that you take all relevant costs into account and plan accordingly. We at Isar Estate will be happy to support you.

    What documents do I need for the sale of an apartment?

    There are a number of documents that are usually required for the sale of an apartment. The most important documents are

    • Proof of ownership: Proof of ownership is mandatory. This is done via the current extract from the land register.
    • Parcel map
    • Minutes of the owners' meetings of the last three years
    • Operating cost statements for the last three years
    • Energy performance certificate: The energy performance certificate provides information about the energy consumption and CO₂ emissions of an apartment. This certificate must be presented before the apartment is sold.
    • Building plans: Building plans can be helpful when selling an apartment to illustrate the size and floor plan of the apartment to your prospective buyers.
    • Repair bills: If you have had repairs carried out in your home, the invoices serve as documentation of the condition of your home.
    • Tenancy agreements: If you rent out your apartment, you should be able to show the existing rental agreements.

    This list does not claim to be exhaustive. Depending on your individual situation, further documents may be required. Seek advice from an expert to ensure that all relevant documents are prepared for the sale. We will be happy to assist you.

    How long does it take to sell an apartment in Munich?

    It is difficult to make an exact statement about how long it will take to sell a home, as this depends on various factors. The most important factors that can influence the sales process include:

    • The condition and furnishings of the apartment: The more attractive and well-maintained the apartment is, the more likely potential buyers will show interest and the higher the chance that the sale can be completed.
    • The location of the apartment: Apartments in sought-after locations, such as Munich-Schwabing or Haidhausen, can be sold more quickly than those in less sought-after locations. In addition, proximity to schools, shopping facilities in the immediate vicinity and public transport links are often important reasons for buyers.
    • The price: If the price is set far too high, it usually takes longer to find a buyer. If, on the other hand, the price is in line with the market level, the sale is usually completed much more quickly. The best way to determine the market price is to get help from a real estate valuation expert.

    It usually takes several weeks or even months to sell an apartment - also depending on the current market situation. It is important that you take the time to carefully plan and follow the sales process to ensure that the sale is completed successfully. We are happy to support you in this.

    When is the best time to sell an apartment?

    There is no general "best" time to sell an apartment, as it depends on many different factors. If your apartment is in very good condition and has modern fittings, it will sell well at any time of year. Of course, location and price also play an important role in the sale of your apartment.

    However, there are some general trends that can apply to the sale of apartments. In many regions, the real estate market is most active in the spring and summer, as many people are looking for a new home during this time. So if you are considering selling your home, it might make sense to do so in the spring or summer months. It is therefore worth seeking advice from a real estate agent such as Isar Estate to determine the best time to sell your home.