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    Your real estate agent in Altstadt-Lehel

    The Isartor at Isartorplatz in Altstadt-Lehel

    There are many aspects associated with selling a property that need to be carefully considered in advance. In order to sell a house or apartment successfully, specialist knowledge and a sound understanding of the regional real estate market are essential. As your professional real estate agent in Altstadt-Lehel, we are at your side with a great deal of expertise, years of experience and a high level of customer orientation to provide you with competent support throughout the entire sales process when selling your property.

    The centrally located district of Altstadt-Lehel is one of the most sought-after residential areas in Munich, as it combines the quiet, idyllic residential areas of Lehel with the vibrant, urban flair of the old town. The numerous sights, the wide range of cultural attractions and the nearby English Garden also contribute to the enormous popularity of Munich's second smallest and oldest district.

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    Sell your property successfully with your real estate agent in Altstadt-Lehel


    Do you own real estate in Munich's Altstadt-Lehel district and are thinking about selling or renting your property? As a client of Isar Estate, you benefit from our many years of practical experience and excellent knowledge of the local real estate market. We always focus on your requirements and wishes.

    Every property is unique. For this reason, we develop a tailor-made concept for each sale in which the special features and characteristics of your house or apartment are specifically taken into account and highlighted. As experienced real estate experts, we know this: It's not just the facts and figures such as location or square footage that are decisive for potential buyers, but also the quality of life and image associated with the purchase of a property. This is especially true in the luxury real estate sector. Thanks to our extensive expertise and experience in this market segment, we know exactly what it takes to exclusively market a high-quality property with prestige value.

    If you are looking for a real estate agent in Altstadt-Lehel who is a reliable partner for the sale of your property, you can expect a comprehensive portfolio of services from us:

    • Real estate appraisal in a professional framework
    • Compilation of all relevant data and documents
    • Determination of your target group
    • Creation of your exposé
    • Real estate photography - aesthetically pleasing and promoting sales
    • Organization and pre-selection of interested parties
    • Verification of all required data and creditworthiness of potential buyers
    • Preparation of your notary appointment
    • Real estate transfer to the buyer


    Valuation for real estate in Altstadt-Lehel

    One of the most important factors in the sale of houses and apartments is the determination of the market price. This is based on the valuation of a property. A whole range of criteria must be taken into account when determining the value. These include the location, age, condition and furnishings of the property, as well as factors such as the relationship between supply and demand in the area.

    As your real estate agent specializing in Munich, we carry out a careful, professional and precise valuation in which we take all value-relevant factors into account. We use tried and tested methods for this. For detached houses and semi-detached houses, we use the asset value method, while for condominiums we use the comparative value method or, if you wish to rent out the property, the income capitalization method.

    Based on the results, we will make you a proposal for an appropriate sales price that takes into account all the characteristics of your property and the real estate market conditions.

    Living in the heart of Munich in Altstadt-Lehel

    House facade in Altstadt-Lehel

    Old town

    Isartorplatz in Altstadt-Lehel

    Isar Gate

    St. Luke's Church in Old Town Lehel

    St. Luke's Church

    Bavarian State Chancellery in Altstadt-Lehel

    Bavarian State Chancellery

    Centrally located in Munich is Altstadt-Lehel, the oldest and second smallest district of the Bavarian capital. Around 21,000 people live in this unique district, which is made up of the Altstadt and Lehel districts and has been an important trading center for several centuries. This long history is still reflected today in the numerous historical buildings from past eras.

    Altstadt-Lehel is characterized by its attractive cityscape with exclusive villas and old buildings as well as its high quality of living. The district is characterized on the one hand by the old town with its historic core and on the other by the tranquil Lehel with its magnificent streets and quiet city atmosphere. In terms of urban development, the district is characterized by an enormous variety, because in addition to medieval buildings, the architecture features elements from very different eras and combines neo-Gothic façades with Renaissance and Art Nouveau looks.

    As diverse as the district itself is its population, which includes both long-established and new residents and spans all age groups. Altstadt-Lehel's popularity is due to its many excellent residential areas as well as the quality of life it offers. The many shopping opportunities, such as on Kaufingerstrasse and Maximilianstrasse, the excellent infrastructure and the extensive cultural offerings are also worthy of mention. The many museums and galleries as well as the magnificent concert halls and theaters, above all the Bavarian State Opera, are a symbol of the high cultural significance of the state capital. The nightlife with its clubs, restaurants and bars, mainly in the old town, does the rest. In addition, the southern part of the English Garden in the Lehel district regularly attracts both locals and visitors in large numbers.

    House facade in Altstadt-Lehel

    Interesting facts about the real estate market in Altstadt-Lehel

    Thanks to its excellent, central location, Altstadt-Lehel is one of the most sought-after districts in Munich. This has an impact on property rental and purchase prices, which have been at a high level for many years.

    Both districts, Altstadt and Lehel, have predominantly very good to top locations and are considered exclusive residential areas. Architecturally, the cityscape in the district is characterized by noble old buildings, luxurious Art Nouveau villas, but also by multi-storey residential buildings built in the post-war period.

    Apartment prices in Altstadt-Lehel will be at an average level of around € 13,900 per m² of living space in 2023. The average rental price for apartments is around €23.50 per m² of living space. Prices are influenced by a variety of different factors (e.g. location, historic old building or new build, energy standard, etc.) and can also be significantly higher, especially in the luxury property segment.

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    Our guiding principle as a real estate agent for Altstadt-Lehel: conveying high values

    We are your experienced real estate agent for Altstadt-Lehel. As our valued customers, you and your individual concerns are always at the center of what we do. With our guiding principle of 'conveying high values', we will act for you economically in your best interests and always maintain a cordial relationship.

    Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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