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    Real estate agent house sale villa munich

    House sale in Munich

    You are the owner of a property and intend to sell a house in the region of the state capital Munich? Your chances are good to achieve a high sales revenue.

    Prices per square meter for existing properties have continued to rise sharply in recent years. In 2020, prices of between €11,000 and €22,000 per square meter of living space were paid for detached single-family homes in Munich with a value of more than two million euros. The current trend in property prices for houses in the state capital of Munich also continues to point upwards.

    How easy is it to sell my house in Munich?

    Contrary to what some sellers think, selling a house in Munich at the optimal price is not a no-brainer. Selling a house is a complex process in which all the individual steps should be carefully thought through and coordinated. A house sale involves a lot of money, in Munich usually far more than a million euros. The marketing and sale of a house must therefore be planned and implemented professionally. Only under this condition will you be able to achieve the best possible sales price.

    Selling a house in Munich with the help of Isar Estate

    Trust Isar Estate, your experienced real estate agent, when selling your house. We are the experts to sell multi-family houses, villas, detached houses, semi-detached houses or terraced houses with or without garden in Munich and the surrounding area at the best price. We have profound market knowledge of the region and know exactly how much a property is worth there.

    With our passion for real estate, we take care of all the marketing for you with a unique commitment and our many years of experience in the sale of high-quality real estate. Learn below what all we do for you and why we are your strong partner and broker for the sale of your home.

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    Villa with columns
    Chalet with gable roof
    Villa with roof terrace
    Modern high-rise

    Our service for you when selling a house in Munich

    The right preparation is crucial when selling real estate, especially when offering high-quality houses in the city of Munich. Every detail counts and plays an important role in successful marketing. Often inconspicuous facts are of crucial importance to develop the right sales strategy.

    We want to understand your needs, wishes and the special features of your house. That is why we take a lot of time for a personal discussion with you. In addition, with our own claim to transparency and clarity, we set out in detail what we can do for you and are there to advise you right from the start.

    In the next step, we take a close look at your house. We collect all important data about your property and evaluate them in detail. Based on this, we take care of the valuation and determine the best offer price for your house. Subsequently, we dedicate ourselves to the production of high-quality marketing documents and create an informative exposé. In the context of marketing, we efficiently organize the viewing appointments for you with our many years of experience. If you have an appropriate brokerage contract, we will also take care of any price negotiations.

    We also support you in the preparation of the purchase contract, the notary appointment and the smooth handover of your house to the buyer.


    Do you want to sell your house in Munich and find out an initial estimated value in just three minutes?


    To the online evaluation

    Professional real estate valuation in Munich with Isar Estate

    Do you own a house in Harlaching, Schwabing, Trudering, Obermenzing or another district of Munich and don't know how much your property is worth? The correct valuation of your property is crucial for a successful real estate sale. Specialist knowledge and experience are essential for this. Knowledge of the location and demand on the Munich market for houses is also necessary. We know these residential areas in Munich. The districts of Pasing, Laim, Nymphenburg, Bogenhausen and Neuhausen are particularly popular residential areas.

    As a seller, you lose a lot of money if the price of your property is set too low. Attention. The same applies to an offer at a price that is far too high. Because even so-called moon prices are mercilessly punished by prospective buyers of your property. Often, the final sales price after a much too high asking price is significantly lower than the actual market value due to market dynamics.

    Your team at Isar Estate will determine the optimal selling price for your house in the city of Munich. By the way, the so-called asset value method is often used to determine the value of villas, detached houses or semi-detached houses.

    Our professional valuation for your home takes into account all important factors, such as:

    • Location and development perspective
    • Size and layout of the plot
    • Living space in square metres
    • Year of construction of the house
    • Construction
    • Degree of modernisation
    • Energy demand
    • Benefits and burdens on the property

    In addition to these factors, there are many other elements that determine the purchase price for a property. If you want to sell a house in Munich that is classified as a luxury property, there are often significant premiums on the market value. We know the real estate market in detail and will take all influencing factors into account to precisely determine the value of your house in the state capital of Munich. Use our online property valuation now!

    Your advantages when selling a house in Munich with Isar Estate

    As a high-performance real estate agent for the city and region of Munich, we offer our clients a comprehensive service: discreet, transparent and authentic. We know what prospective buyers particularly value when buying a house and how we put your house in the best light.

    Here is an overview of Isar Estate's philosophy, according to which you, our valued clients, are always at the centre of everything we do:


    We love what we do and, in addition to our experience, we have a lot of positive energy ready for you to implement the sale of your home quickly and professionally.


    We love discovering new spaces. This enthusiasm for architecture is contagious and a reason for our success in marketing real estate.


    We listen to you attentively and without time pressure! You know best what moves you in your life at the moment and what needs and wishes you have.


    Open communication creates transparency. For us, this means that we inform you in detail about all important points and steps at all times.


    We prepare complex data relating to the sale of your property for you in such a way that you can understand important contexts.


    Isar Estate's guiding principle is: 'Conveying High Values'. We will represent your economic interests in the best possible way while maintaining a cordial approach.

    Christian Duerr Founder

    We sell your house in Munich

    As your professional real estate agent for Munich and the surrounding area, we are at your side with a great deal of commitment and a well thought-out all-round service in order to realize your sales wish in the best possible way.

    You want to sell your property in Munich or the surrounding area?

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    What our customers say

    Mr. Dürr realized a major and complex real estate sale for us with pronounced prudence, expertise and seriousness. In doing so, Mr. Dürr convinced all parties, including co-owners and buyers, through his reliability and prudence of an approach that led to a successful and very gratifying conclusion of the sale. Since then, we have trusted the judgment and competence of Mr. Dürr and Isar Estate in all real estate matters.

    Mr. Dürr is really dedicated and absolutely reliable. He took care of every detail, far beyond what was expected. Thanks to his expertise coupled with his pleasant manner and empathy, he is exactly the right broker when it comes to more difficult real estate matters. I can recommend Mr. Dürr without reservation.

    Christian Macketanz

    Professor at the Dresden University of Fine Arts

    Barcelona chair

    Mr. Dürr has been supporting me very successfully in my private and institutional real estate transactions for two decades now. I appreciate his analytical and strategic precision. I am also impressed by his ability to implement marketing and sales strategies very quickly and efficiently. Based on my many years of positive experience, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Mr. Dürr and Isar Estate.

    Alain Desvigne

    Chairman of the Board Amarenco group

    Egg chair

    Mr. Dürr is really dedicated and absolutely reliable. He took care of every detail, far beyond what was expected. Thanks to his expertise coupled with his pleasant manner and empathy, he is exactly the right broker when it comes to more difficult real estate matters. I can recommend Mr. Dürr without reservation.

    Klaus Wolf

    Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair

    Many thanks to Mr Dürr and Isar Estate for the sale of our house in Munich-Grünwald. With a great deal of knowledge of human nature, Mr Dürr reached an agreement between us and our tenants on the cancellation of the existing tenancy. This was the only way to sell our house in the best possible way.

    We are happy to recommend Isar Estate to others!

    Bock family

    Eames Plastci chair

    Isar Estate navigated us very quickly and successfully through the sale of our property in Munich. Not only the high professionalism, but also the empathy to harmonize the interests of a complex community of heirs made the sale possible.

    We thank Mr Dürr and recommend Isar Estate with full conviction.

    Kamp family

    Panton chair

    Questions and answers about selling a house in Munich

    How long does it take to sell a house in Munich?

    At present, the chances are good that a house sale in Munich will take place promptly with professional marketing. There are many interested parties in our file who are looking to buy a property. Nevertheless, we recommend that you allow at least six months for a house sale. Without too much time pressure, you have the best chance of achieving the optimal sales price.

    What are the costs when selling and buying a property?

    For the seller, the costs of selling through an estate agent are limited to the usual estate agent fees and any minor notary fees. An example of this is the deletion of a land charge from the land register. The buyer incurs significantly higher ancillary purchase costs. He must also pay the land transfer tax, the costs for the notarial purchase contract and the transfer of ownership in the land register.

    What are the costs for a Munich estate agent?

    Since the end of 2020, a new, nationwide law on brokerage commission has come into force. According to this law, the commission for the brokerage of real estate property may no longer be passed on entirely to private buyers. Instead, the broker's commission is usually divided between the buyer and the seller. There is also the option for the seller to take over the entire commission. This alternative has advantages in many cases, even if it seems strange to you as a seller at first. For example, your real estate agent can then conduct the purchase price negotiations for you. But of course, as a seller you have the choice of which commission sharing option you prefer. In any case, we will be happy to explain our conviction as to why you will achieve far better sales success by hiring an experienced real estate agent.