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    Your real estate agent in Schwabing

    Siegestor Schwabing real estate agent

    The thought of selling real estate can be appealing - for owners, however, it is often associated with many worries surrounding the sales process. Are you also thinking about selling your house or apartment in Schwabing? With Isar Estate you have found a competent, cordial and authentic real estate agent for the popular Munich district of Schwabing. We will support you every step of the way. As experienced real estate agents in Munich, we are well aware of the intricacies and peculiarities of Schwabing real estate.

    The lively, sought-after and diverse district of Schwabing is also known beyond the city limits of Munich and is not only popular with residents. Travelers and tourists also like to drop by to see for themselves the radiance and cultural diversity of the former artists' town. Although Schwabing has become more urban, it also offers nature and recreation.

    Whether shopping, enjoying the green or strolling through the streets: Prospective real estate buyers appreciate the many advantages Schwabing offers today - and we help you to duly honor the value of your property and successfully sell your property.

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    Successful real estate sale with your real estate agent in Schwabing


    Freedom, liveliness, luxury and diversity: If you own a property in Schwabing, you appreciate not only the high material value but also the intangible value of your property, which houses and apartments in the former artists' quarter usually display. As your real estate agent in Schwabing, we will support you professionally and cordially in doing justice to these values when you are thinking about selling. Selling your property at the price you want requires a high level of expertise, experience and competence.

    We attach great importance to listening carefully to our customers, understanding their needs and always maintaining a discreet, cordial approach. In a non-binding initial meeting, we clarify your open questions and help to eliminate ambiguities. After all, selling real estate in what is probably Munich's best-known district - in addition to the many advantages - also involves a number of risks if detailed and professional preparation is not carried out.

    Especially the first steps often lead to great uncertainty among owners: What would be a realistic price for the property? Who is my target group? Does the property have potential to increase in value? What is the procedure if the property is rented? The worries surrounding the sales process are justified if you are undertaking the often underestimated process of selling real estate on your own. This does not have to be the case - because it can be done more straightforwardly if you do not want to worry and place your concern in professional hands.

    We will be happy to help you with the above and other questions. Sit back and benefit from our comprehensive service. This includes among other things:

    • Real estate appraisal in a professional framework
    • Compilation of all relevant data and documents
    • Determination of your target group
    • Creation of your exposé
    • Real estate photography - aesthetically pleasing and promoting sales
    • Organization and pre-selection of interested parties
    • Verification of all required data and creditworthiness of potential buyers
    • Preparation of your notary appointment
    • Real estate transfer to the buyer


    Valuation of real estate in Schwabing

    Before selling a house or apartment, assessing the value of your property is an important step. Owners can make an initial assessment with the help of our online property valuation tool.

    However, in order to be able to determine a precise and individual value, we recommend that interested parties have a professional real estate appraisal, which we will be happy to carry out for you. There are several reasons for this: An online valuation is never as precise as an appraisal by a real estate professional. It is basically a complex process, which requires the consideration of a multitude of influencing factors. An imprecise valuation therefore often leads to expensive misjudgements.

    Even if you decide to use an online valuation to get an initial estimate: We will be happy to assist you in checking and ultimately realistically assessing the value of your property and clarifying any open questions before your property in Schwabing goes on the market.

    Living in Schwabing, in the north of Munich

    English Garden in Schwabing

    Monopterus Schwabing

    Entrance State Library Schwabing

    Quadriga on the Siegestor Schwabing

    Life in Schwabing stands for joy and liveliness and is characterized by the diverse impressions of a district with a special history. It is little wonder that the former bohemian and artists' quarter attracts both young and old: In addition to the varied leisure opportunities and impressive nature as well as the many parks, Schwabing shines with its cultural wealth, especially between the English Garden and Munich Freedom. The many charming pubs and stores in Leopoldstraße invite you to enjoy the lively atmosphere debauched.

    Whether luxury, urbanity or proximity to nature: In Schwabing, residents appreciate the many facets of their popular district. This place is not only popular in Munich, but a visitor magnet for tourists and people from the surrounding area. Whether shopping mile, Siegestor, historic Art Nouveau mansions or delicious restaurants and cafés - sights and places of enjoyment are many. The attractive Olympic Park is also within easy reach.

    If you are looking for nature and want to take a break from urban life, you don't have to leave Schwabing. On the contrary, there you will find other opportunities to unwind in addition to the popular English Garden. Works of art to marvel at and playgrounds for children are on many corners in Schwabing. You want to go high up? Then visit the Luitpold Park and climb the Luitpold Hill to enjoy the wonderful view over Munich.

    Thanks to its well-developed infrastructure, Schwabing has excellent public transport connections. Pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers a also usually get from A to B without complications - and can thus shop, eat, walk or stroll in popular Schwabing.

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    The real estate market in Schwabing


    Probably the most popular district in Munich, it is also one of the most demanding neighborhoods in terms of price. A large area of Schwabing is classified as a good central location by the expert committee. Rapidly rising purchase prices have been observed since 2012 in particular. In 2022, the average purchase price for existing apartments was over €11,900 per square meter of living space.

    Single-family homes are rarely sold in Schwabing, though the number of multifamily homes and apartments sold is all the greater compared to other neighborhoods.

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    Our guiding principle as a real estate agent for Schwabing: Conveying high values

    We are your experienced real estate agent for Schwabing. As our valued clients, you and your individual concerns are always at the center of everything we do. With our guiding principle 'Conveying High Values', we will act for you economically in your best interest and always maintain a cordial approach.

    Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

    Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Dürr
    Founder Isar Estate

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    Questions and answers about real estate in Schwabing

    Why should I sell or rent my property through a real estate agent in Schwabing?

    Schwabing is one of the most famous places in Munich. Selling real estate in this lively district requires precise preparation and professional support. With the competent help of a real estate agent, you will enjoy all the advantages that sellers and landlords desire: security, competence, trust and discretion. Also, to achieve a good market price and avoid costly mistakes, it makes sense to consider using the services of a professional real estate agent.

    What rent can I charge for my apartment in Schwabing?

    How the rent for your property in Schwabing is made up must be determined individually. Please note that different influencing factors - such as the exact location and the furnishings of the apartment - must be taken into account. Therefore, it is not possible to make a blanket statement about what rent you can charge. We will be happy to assist you in clarifying all important questions regarding the rental of your property.

    What average real estate prices can be expected in Schwabing when selling houses and apartments?

    The generally strong rise in real estate prices within the last decade has also had a strong impact on the price level in Schwabing. This is hardly surprising, as the district formerly known as the artists' quarter is sought after by young and older generations alike. In good central locations, owners were able to achieve average prices of between around EUR 9,100 and EUR 19,800 per square meter of living space in 2022. In the case of new-build condominium projects, prospective buyers had to expect prices of between around €15,000 and €23,000 per square meter of living space in 2022.

    What recreational opportunities does the Schwabing district offer?

    Whether shopping, indulging in culinary delights or going out late into the night: The district of Schwabing is known and loved for its cultural diversity and is characterized by its high recreational value. Today, the English Garden is one of the world's largest inner-city parks. It invites you to stroll, enjoy and marvel at art and nature. Many friends of Schwabing associate Leopoldstrasse with liveliness and pure joie de vivre. Many Munich residents and tourists stroll there extensively on warm summer evenings or treat themselves to a culinary highlight in one of the many restaurants. Schwabing offers a lot - but no boredom!

    How do I get an energy certificate for my property in Schwabing?

    If you need an energy certificate for the sale or rental of your property, we at Isar Estate will be happy to help you. In order to be allowed to issue an energy certificate, special qualifications are required. This is regulated by the Building Energy Act (GEG). So that you do not have to take care of this yourself, we take over this task and take care of the commissioning of a company authorized to issue energy certificates for you.