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    Rent a flat in Munich

    Flat for rent old building

    Are you the owner of one or more apartments in Munich and would like to rent them out? Surely you are aware that rental apartments in Munich, especially in the sought-after districts such as Schwabing, Maxvorstadt, Isarvorstadt, Laim, Harlaching, Bogenhausen or Haidhausen are in high demand.

    Of course, the high demand will help to find the right tenant for your property with a professional approach. But even if the supply of apartment seekers in the city of Munich is high, there are many important points to consider until a successful rental. The renting of your property should be meticulously prepared in any case. You must also calculate the rental price well. This is because in Munich, apart from the exceptions regulated by law, the so-called Mietpreisbremse (rent brake) applies. This regulates the maximum permissible level of rents.

    As a professional real estate agent, we are happy to help you rent out your apartment in Munich. With our many years of experience and know-how in real estate, we will be at your side to advise you on how to achieve the best possible rent and find a suitable tenant for you.

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    Modern high-rise

    What you should consider for successfully renting out your flat in Munich

    In order to be able to rent out your property, be it a beautiful luxury apartment, a chic 3-room apartment with a garden or a well-cut 1-room apartment, without worries and as profitably as possible, there are a few things to consider. First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the very extensive tenancy law in order to know which rights and obligations you will have to deal with in detail in a tenancy agreement.

    In addition, the correct calculation of the rent is important. Since the Mietpreisbremse (rent brake) is in effect in Munich, you cannot simply set an arbitrary rent in many cases. You must be guided by the market rates, with the clearly defined exceptions.

    Finding a suitable tenant requires a lot of experience. Therefore, you should already give some thought in advance to the target group you prefer, which also fits your apartment.

    Popular residential areas in Munich

    Munich is a popular city for rental apartments and there are many neighborhoods that are in high demand among potential tenants. Some of the most desirable areas to live are Schwabing, Maxvorstadt, Isarvorstadt, Laim and Haidhausen.

    Schwabing is known for its central location, the English Garden and its many shopping opportunities, bars and restaurants. Maxvorstadt offers a wide range of housing options, from apartments in old buildings to modern new buildings. Isarvorstadt is particularly popular with students and young families, as it has good connections to the university and public transport. Laim is a quiet residential area with many green spaces and good shopping opportunities. Haidhausen is especially popular with artists and creative people and offers a lively atmosphere with many galleries and boutiques. Each of these residential areas has its own special appeal and offers a variety of housing options for different demands and needs.

    Neuhausen, Bogenhausen, Nymphenburg, Harlaching and Sendling are other popular residential areas in Munich, each with their own special characteristics. Nymphenburg, Neuhausen and Harlaching are known for their quiet and green surroundings, with many parks and gardens, making these neighborhoods popular places for families to live. Nymphenburg is also a historic neighborhood with many magnificent palaces and gardens, it is especially known for the Schlosspark Nymphenburg, a popular place to walk and relax. In Harlaching, Perlacher Forst and the Isarhochufer offer fantastic local recreational opportunities. Nymphenburg, Neuhausen and Harlaching also offer good connections to public transport and the city center.

    Bogenhausen is an exclusive residential area, especially known for its luxurious apartments and villas. It is a popular place to live for those who value privacy and security and want a quiet environment. It is also home to the famous Prinzregententheater and Villa Stuck.

    Our service for landlords

    As an experienced real estate agent in Munich, we support you in preparing the rental, finding the right tenant, signing the contract and handing over the flat. You benefit from our years of expertise in renting out your flat in Munich. We will personally assist you in word and deed throughout the entire letting process, so that you end up letting your flat in Munich in the best possible way and without any worries.

    Preparation phase of the flat rental

    First of all, we will take stock of the situation in a meeting during which we get to know each other personally. We will discuss what ideas you have for your future tenants, whether you would like to rent long or short term and what your specific ideas are for the rental. We will look at all the details, such as the location, the size and the equipment of your apartment. It is important for the correct calculation of the rental price whether it is a new or an existing property.

    Information on any modernization and renovation measures that may have been carried out also plays an important role in calculating the optimum rent. This detailed inventory is the basis for the next step: the calculation of the optimal rent. We then present you with the result and our strategy recommendation, which is specifically tailored to your situation. In doing so, we place the highest value on transparency and traceability. We also advise you on the possibilities of contractually stipulating future rent increases or a graduated rent.

    Once we have jointly determined an optimal rental price, the next step is to determine the target group for your property. The location, layout, living space, number of rooms and also the character of your property play a decisive role.

    The furnishings of the rental apartment are also an important cornerstone in defining the target group: Does the property have a fitted kitchen? Is there a balcony or terrace that can be used by future tenants? What kind of flooring is installed? How are the bathrooms equipped? Is there a swimming pool or sauna in the house? Should the property possibly be rented furnished?

    We then develop a tailor-made strategy for marketing your property to the ideal target group. Within this framework, we also create professional photos and appealing advertising texts that perfectly showcase the advantages of your flat. The end result is an informative exposé. In this way, we create an optimal starting position to let your property promptly and successfully.


    Pay attention to the creditworthiness of prospective tenants! As real estate professionals with many years of experience, we naturally also take care of the credit check of your future tenants.

    Family rental contract

    Tailor-made strategy to successfully rent out your flat in Munich


    As soon as the marketing documents are ready, we actively start looking for suitable tenants. We take care of all viewings and check tenants for obvious things, such as creditworthiness. With our years of experience and the sensitivity we have developed, we ensure that you find the right tenant. We also know which questions are legally permissible during interviews with prospective tenants and as part of the tenant self-disclosure. After the pre-selection, we are also happy to support you in the final decision for your new tenant.

    Handling the rental of your flat

    Especially when it comes to the final step of signing the tenancy agreement, the uncertainties are often great, especially with regard to tenancy law. We support you with our expertise so that you conclude a legally secure tenancy agreement. We also take care of the recorded handover of your property to the new tenant.

    Isar Estate: Our value proposition for you and your rental property

    As real estate agents with years of experience, we know how important it is to find the right tenants for your property. Both contractually and interpersonally, everything should be 100 per cent right. We are happy to support you in all the individual steps.

    Our services at a glance

    • Determination of the optimal rent
    • Determine the target group for your property
    • Creation of marketing documents including photos and appealing texts
    • Takeover of all viewing appointments
    • Support in the selection of the right tenant
    • Preparation of a legally binding tenancy agreement
    • Recorded handover of the rental property
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    We are here for you

    If you want to rent out a flat, a house or a commercial property in Munich, we are your competent contact. Thanks to years of expertise and a passion for real estate, we are at your side with advice and support from the first to the last step. Feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Questions and answers about renting a flat in Munich

    Can I charge any rent when I rent out my flat in Munich?

    No, because in Munich the so-called Mietpreisbremse (rent brake) applies. Apart from the exceptions regulated by law, landlords must orientate themselves to the usual market prices. The legally permissible special cases for a higher rent include, for example, modernisation measures and the letting of newly built flats.

    How do I find the right tenant for my flat in the city of Munich?

    Flats in Munich usually have many interested parties. A clear approach to selection is therefore important. Tenant self-disclosure can be a great help. But be careful! Not all questions are allowed here. For example, ethnic origin and religious affiliation may not be asked.

    What advantages do I have when I rent out my property through an estate agent?

    A professional real estate agent knows the rental market and knows exactly where to find the right tenants for the property in question. He is also familiar with the extensive tenancy law and helps you to let your property in a legally secure way.

    How much does it cost to hire an estate agent to let a property in Munich?

    Hiring an estate agent for renting out living space usually costs 2.38 monthly rents including VAT. These costs must be borne by the landlord according to the legally regulated "Bestellerprinzip".