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    Rent a property in Munich

    As a landlord in the Munich region, you have the goal of letting your properties carefree and profitably. For this, it is necessary to know the current situation on the rental market in Munich in detail. This includes the many complex issues in tenancy law.

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    Due to its many peculiarities, the rental market in Munich requires permanent observation in order to perceive regular changes at an early stage and to achieve the optimum result when letting.

    As an owner, are you looking for a new tenant? Isar Estate, your real estate agent from Munich-Harlaching, specialises in letting high-quality houses, flats and office space. We support you in marketing private properties and commercial real estate in the Munich region. As an experienced estate agent, our offer for the marketing of your rental property consists of a well thought-out all-round service. This includes a detailed initial consultation right through to the recorded handover of the rental property to your new tenant. Below you will find a description of the individual components of our service for landlords.

    Our service for landlords

    We accompany you from the inventory to the handover of your rental property to the new tenant and take care of all steps to let your property safely and successfully.


    We get to know each other in a personal conversation. On this occasion, our goal is to understand exactly what your needs and motivation are when renting out your property. For example, whether you want to let on a short or long-term basis and with which tenant profile you feel comfortable as a landlord. We look at your property in detail and evaluate all the information that is relevant for completing the next steps.

    Calculation of the optimal rental price

    Based on the results of the inventory, as an experienced estate agent we determine the fair market rent for your house, flat or commercial property. Attention! In Munich, the so-called Mietpreisbremse (rent brake) is in force. This means that, with a few exceptions, every owner must generally adhere to the qualified rent index when offering to let their private rental property. This means that there is usually an upper limit for setting the rent, which may not be exceeded. Otherwise, the tenant can enforce a rent reduction and demand part of the rent back retroactively even after the rental agreement has been concluded, i.e. during the existing tenancy.

    After determining the optimal rent for your property, we explain the result of our calculation to you. We attach great importance to showing you all factors in detail and transparently. We also advise you on other options for the tenancy, for example regarding the possibility of contractually fixing rent increases via a graduated or index-linked rent.


    Detailed information on the Mietpreisbremse can be found here:


    More on the Mietpreisbremse

    Tailor-made strategy for marketing your real estate

    In the next step, we develop a tailor-made strategy for marketing your house, flat or commercial property. It is first important to identify the target group of potential tenants. We do this by taking a close look at the area, the cut, the living space, the furnishings and the character of your rental property. As an estate agent with high quality standards, we develop an individual marketing strategy for your rental property. This is the centrepiece for a successful and quick letting of your property.

    Marketing material for the rental

    First, we create professional photos and intelligent advertising texts aimed at the right target group. If necessary, we have the floor plan redrawn in a visually appealing way. Then we put together a high-quality exposé for your property that puts all the highlights and important information in the perfect light. The exposé is also optimised for online retrieval.

    Selection of the tenant

    Choosing a tenant is essential and at the same time a big challenge. Frequently, numerous interested parties ask whether you can rent your property. In addition to rational selection criteria such as the creditworthiness of prospective tenants, it also takes some experience and a keen sense of sensitivity to find the right tenant. By addressing the right group of prospective tenants and professionally managing the viewing appointments, we determine the group of promising prospective tenants for you. We know which questions may be asked of the respective prospective tenant in the course of a voluntary self-disclosure. Because, be careful, you are not allowed to ask just any question.

    Of course, our offer also includes that we will support you with our advice regarding the final decision for your tenant, if desired.

    Rental contract and handover

    Due to the large number of complex regulations in tenancy law, it is important to draw up a legally sound tenancy agreement and get it signed. Especially when renting privately, there are many points that must be observed as an owner. For example, the so-called rigid renovation clause has been found invalid by the Federal Supreme Court. Rigid means that the tenancy agreement specifies exactly when the tenant has to carry out cosmetic repairs. This clause would be invalid. A flexible renovation clause, on the other hand, is legally permissible and helps to partially override the legal regulation that the landlord is responsible for all cosmetic repairs. We support you within the scope of legal possibilities in working out the contractual details. Of course, we also take care of the recorded handover of the rented property to your new tenant.

    Apartment house Munich apartment sale

    We rent out your property in Munich

    Please bear in mind that when you rent for a longer period of time, you are entering into a contractual relationship. This is very strongly regulated by law, especially for private rentals. Once the lease is signed and the new tenants are living in your rental property, your rights as the owner are automatically limited by the comprehensive tenancy law. Consequently, it is advisable to be careful whenever you rent.

    It is important to do everything possible to ensure that both sides, landlord and tenant, have clarity and the same understanding around the emerging tenancy relationship even before the contract is signed. If the mutual ideas are discussed in detail and defined by the tenancy agreement within the legally permissible framework, it is more likely that there will be no misunderstandings and disputes later on.

    We are experienced estate agents for the city of Munich and the surrounding area. With a lot of commitment and a well thought-out all-round service, we are at your side to search for and find suitable tenants for your house or flat in Munich. With our help, you can achieve the goal of a good interpersonal and contractual relationship with your new tenant.

    Founder Christian Dürr

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    You want to rent out your property in Munich? We would be happy to arrange a consultation in which we will give you some important tips for a successful letting.


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    Questions and answers about 'Rent a property in Munich

    Can I charge any rent when I rent out my flat in Munich?

    No, because in most cases the Mietpreisbremse for Munich applies and you must ensure that you meet the requirements of the qualified rent index when calculating the rent. However, there are exceptions, such as first-time leases for new buildings or after extensive renovation. As an experienced real estate agent for the city of Munich, we will be happy to inform you about the details and calculate the right rent for you.

    How do I find the right tenant for my flat in the city of Munich?

    Every landlord wants a reliable tenant when renting out his flat in Munich. With the flood of prospective tenants, a clear procedure is needed to select the right tenant. As a landlord, you have the right to ask the tenant for self-disclosure in order to find out more about their professional and financial situation. But be careful: You are not allowed to ask every question! There is a personal protection area that you must respect at all costs in order not to come into conflict with the law. For example, you may not ask questions about ethnic origin or religious affiliation.

    How much does it cost to hire an estate agent to let a property in Munich?

    As a rule, the agent's commission for renting private real estate is 2.38 monthly rents including VAT. The commission is paid by the landlord when the estate agent is commissioned, in accordance with the statutory "Bestellerprinzip".

    What are the advantages of renting out my property through an agent?

    An experienced estate agent knows all the details to successfully let your property in Munich. He will take care of finding a suitable tenant for you and letting your property in a timely manner. He knows about the current rental market and selects the right target group of prospective tenants that best suits your property.