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    Property valuation in Munich and the surrounding area

    Are you considering selling your property and would like to know the current value of your property? We will be happy to assist you personally with a precise property valuation in the Munich area.

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    How precise is the determined market value in an online property valuation?

    Thank you for your interest in the value of your property. We are happy to provide you with an initial indication of the market value of your property with this free and quick property valuation.

    You would like to sell your property in the city or in the Munich area? You do not yet have a precisely determined market value for your property, house or flat? Then a well-founded, individual property valuation by experts such as Isar Estate is highly recommended in order to achieve the best possible result when marketing your property. In some real estate segments, e.g. luxury properties, the achievable market price is far above the value shown by an online valuation tool.

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    Professional property valuation in Munich by Isar Estate

    What is the value of my property in Munich? At what price can my property, house or flat be sold? Many property owners ask themselves and us these questions. It is good that you are dealing with them. Determining the property value in line with the market is indeed one of the important building blocks for finding a buyer and successfully completing the sale. Below you will find information on how we prepare a professional property valuation for you.

    Procurement of all data for real estate valuation

    How do you get the right price for the sale of your property? Often our clients are surprised at how much detailed work is necessary to determine the property value. The real estate market also has some special features. It is essential to take these into account when valuing a property.

    In the first step, we take care of a detailed inventory. For this purpose, we assess your house or flat and support you in gathering the many different pieces of information that are necessary for a professional property valuation in the Munich area.

    For example, the following documents are required:

    •  Land register extract
    •  Declaration of division (e.g. for condominiums)
    •  Building description
    •  Floor plan drawings
    •  Site plan
    •  Energy certificate
    •  Information on modernisation measures




    By granting a power of attorney to Isar Estate, you save yourself time, work and nerves. We take care of all the official procedures and the procurement of the documents required for the property valuation.


    It is not uncommon, for example, that it is necessary to inspect the land register file at the land registry in Munich in order to check an entry in the second section of the land register.

    Prices set too low and too high for sales cost a lot of money

    You may be asking yourself at this point why it is important to be so precise when determining the selling price. Is it not enough to estimate the price and then try to look for buyers with a high initial offer? This is strongly discouraged. A moon price quite often results in you having to sell your property even below the market price. Why? Prospective buyers become suspicious if the initial selling price is later greatly reduced. And potential buyers lurk for further price reductions for a more favourable purchase after a sharp price reduction. In short, both a price that is set too low and one that is set too high are detrimental to the sale of a property.

    Evaluation of all data for the appraisal: How to arrive at the property value

    Once all the information has been gathered, we start evaluating all the data to determine the selling price for your property. An extremely important factor for property valuation is, you might guess, location. In Munich, the Valuation Committee publishes a location map that classifies all residential locations into different categories. The best residential locations are marked in red, good ones in yellow and average ones in blue. The assessment of the location by the expert committee directly influences the value of the land on which the property stands. The so-called standard land value - it is updated every two years - gives an initial indication of the value of the land. As an experienced real estate agent, we adjust the standard land value with different correction factors to ultimately determine the actual land value for your property.

    Real estate valuation procedure

    There are three common procedures for valuing real estate: the comparative value procedure, the capitalised earnings value procedure and the asset value procedure. Depending on the property in question, we use one or more of these methods for property valuation. A sworn expert or a surveyor will also use one of these procedures to value a house or a flat when commissioning an appraisal.


    Comparative value method

    The comparative value method always provides a good result if there are many properties that can be compared with the property to be valued. One example is flats in a larger city like Munich.


    Capitalised earnings method

    The capitalised earnings method is used to determine the market value of private or commercial investment properties. Examples are apartment buildings with several flats and shops. The capitalised earnings value is calculated from the present value of all future income.


    Real value method

    The asset value method helps specifically in the valuation of individually designed and owner-occupied detached and semi-detached houses. It is considered the most complex method, as many correction factors are necessary to determine the correct value for the building and to arrive at a result for the valuation that is in line with the market.

    After we have completed the property valuation for your property in Munich and the surrounding area, we will explain strategic and tactical tools for achieving an optimal sales price. Does it make sense to reflect on a slightly higher first offer price? Of course. Is the air upwards infinite? Absolutely not. As a professional broker, we help you find a balance here by providing you with our in-depth market knowledge.

    Please contact us for further details or book a free initial consultation online.


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    Questions and answers about property valuation in Munich

    How does a professional property valuation work?

    In a professional property valuation, experts use one or more of the three procedures regulated by law in the Real Estate Valuation Ordinance (ImmoWertV) for an appraisal, depending on the type of property: Comparative value method, capitalised earnings value method and asset value method.

    What does a property valuation cost?

    Many estate agents, including Isar Estate, offer their clients the service of a property valuation at no extra cost as part of the sale of a property. Sworn experts and surveyors usually charge a fee in accordance with the scale of fees for valuation reports of the Bavarian Association of Publicly Appointed Experts.


    How accurate is an online property valuation?

    An online property valuation can provide an estimate of how much your house or flat is worth at the moment. An accurate valuation, on the other hand, requires a far more detailed consideration of all the factors that are important for the valuation

    Can I value my property myself?

    Basically, yes. However, this requires a precise knowledge of the three legally regulated valuation procedures and all other elements relevant to valuation. Knowledge of the local real estate market is also an important prerequisite.

    What happens if I set the asking price much too high when selling my property?

    You should avoid this at all costs. Many prospective buyers know very well the market segment in which a specific property belongs. Should you initially be far too high with your asking price, the price for your property can move into a dangerous downward spiral. This carries the risk that you will ultimately make significantly less profit than if you had set a correct sales price from the beginning.

    What are the tasks of the City of Munich's Property Valuation Committee?

    The main tasks of the expert committee are:

    1. Establishment and maintenance of the collection of purchase prices
    2. Determination of the standard land values
    3. Preparation of reports on the real estate market
    Who can carry out a professional property valuation for me?

    For a professional property valuation for the purpose of selling your property, an experienced estate agent is the right contact for you. The real estate agent will also determine the current market value as part of his service. In special cases, for example in the case of a compulsory auction, the court will commission sworn experts to prepare a market value appraisal.