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    Isar Estate is your professional real estate agent with headquarters in the heart of Harlaching. With our focus on regionality, we concentrate on the south of Munich and specifically also on the municipality of Sauerlach. With its good connections to the state capital Munich as well as its diverse range of care and leisure facilities, Sauerlach offers a peaceful living space characterised by culture. The municipality is the ideal starting point for excursions to numerous lakes and mountains in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. Not for nothing is Sauerlach also called the gateway to the Bavarian Oberland - one of the most beautiful regions in Bavaria.

    We are happy to be there for you and support you in selling your property, house or flat in Sauerlach at the optimum price. Often the smallest details can influence the selling price of a property. That is why we take care of all essential aspects for the successful sale of your property. We work closely with you to determine the optimal marketing strategy, which is individually tailored to your personal needs and wishes. In addition, we attach great importance to making you feel comfortable thanks to our all-round service.

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    Transparent real estate sales by your real estate agent in Sauerlach

    Due to the constant expansion of various towns and cities around Munich, more and more people are moving to the surrounding area. As a result, the property market outside the state capital is also becoming more and more interesting and prices are constantly rising. As an experienced real estate agent in the south of Munich and the surrounding area, we are very familiar with the conditions and the development of the Sauerlach real estate market. Because even with rising demand and increasing popularity, every step should be carefully planned strategically so that you achieve the optimum sales price for your house or flat.

    Isar Estate's guiding principle is "Communicating high values". Characterised by a cordial approach, personal engagement with our clients is important to us. At the beginning of our cooperation, we therefore take sufficient time and listen to you carefully. Only in this way is it possible to work out a strategy tailored to your wishes and needs. In doing so, we always act in your economic interest and place your satisfaction at the centre of our business relationship.

    As an experienced real estate agent in Sauerlach, we support you in preparing the sale, finding the right buyer, signing the notarised purchase contract and handing over your property to the buyer. With a well thought-out image and text language, we ensure that your property for sale stands out on the market. As we specialise in the marketing of high-quality houses and flats, we set ourselves the highest standards for unique quality.

    Particularly in the segment of high-quality houses and flats, emotional factors such as lifestyle, image and prestige play a key role alongside the factual aspects. That is why we approach each new project with enthusiasm and give each property our full attention. Every house and every flat has its own charm and character and inspires the most diverse target groups. We find the most suitable target group for you and perfectly coordinate all factors in the marketing process to find the right buyer for the right property in Sauerlach.

    To ensure that the sale of your property is successful, we take care of every single step. Below you will find an overview of our general process:

    • Detailed non-binding initial consultation
    • Definition of the target groups
    • Accurate determination of the market price of your property
    • High quality photography of your property
    • Creation of meaningful advertising texts
    • Preparation of a detailed exposé
    • Pre-selection of seriously interested parties
    • Visit management
    • Clarification of all professional, technical and legal questions of the buyers with the help of our expertise
    • Extensive screening of buyers
    • Preparation of the notary appointment
    • Handover to the buyer

    At Isar Estate you will experience honest and transparent dealings at all times. Together with you, we carefully plan the necessary procedures to successfully broker your property in Sauerlach.

    Valuation of your house or flat by your real estate agent in Sauerlach

    To provide you with the best possible support, we carry out a detailed determination of the market price for your house or flat. Depending on the type of property, one of the three common valuation methods is often used. In the case of owner-occupied detached houses and semi-detached houses, the so-called asset value method is usually used.

    For flats, on the other hand, the so-called comparative value method and / or the capitalised earnings value method is often used to determine the market price.

    You are welcome to determine an initial estimated value for your property in advance using our free online tool.

    How precise is the determined market value with an online valuation?

    Of course, the desire to quickly obtain an initial estimated value of your own property online is legitimate. However, please bear in mind that the online result can in no way replace an individual valuation by real estate professionals such as Isar Estate. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we carry out an individual market price assessment of your property. The focus is always on the economic interest of the customer.

    Forest Sauerlach

    Living in Sauerlach, the gateway to the Bavarian Oberland

    Sauerlach is the largest municipality in the district of Munich and consists of a total of 12 districts. It is located 20 kilometres south of the state capital and has about 8000 inhabitants. Sauerlach has excellent transport connections. The motorway connections to the A8 in the direction of Munich, Nuremberg and Austria can be reached in just a few minutes. There is also the option of using the local public transport system. With the S-Bahn, you are only 30 minutes away from Munich's main railway station. Furthermore, you can reach the neighbouring town of Holzkirchen in less than 10 minutes by S-Bahn. From there, you can reach the most beautiful parts of Bavaria with the Bavarian Oberlandbahn or the Meridian. Within the municipality there are also bus lines to all parts of Sauerlach.

    In addition to the good transport connections, the municipality of Sauerlach shines with an excellent infrastructure. There are seven childcare facilities alone and a grammar school is to be built by 2026. More than 80 local associations call Sauerlach home. In addition to many restaurants and shopping facilities, the town offers a wide range of childcare and leisure activities. Several attractions, such as the Sauerlach Museum of Local History or the Celtic Redoubt, are in the immediate vicinity.

    Sauerlach is considered the gateway to the Bavarian Oberland and stands out from the broad mass of other towns with one aspect in particular: the extraordinarily diverse local recreational opportunities. Surrounded by nature, the community offers many attractive paths for cycling and hiking. The Via Bavarica Tyrolensis, the approximately 225 kilometre long cycling and hiking trail from Munich to Tyrol, also runs through Sauerlach.

    From Sauerlach you can reach many lakes such as Tegernsee, Schliersee or Starnberger See as well as the beautiful mountains in the foothills of the Alps. In Sauerlach you can experience the breathtaking view of green valleys, shimmering lakes and flowering meadows. You can enjoy the fresh air and quickly recharge your batteries in your free time. A special attraction is also the approximately 200-year-old seven-trunked lime tree with a diameter of almost 11 metres opposite the old post office.

    Prices on the Sauerlach real estate market

    The municipality in the south of Munich is charmingly village-like and offers mainly family and apartment houses as well as farmhouses. Due to the tight real estate market in Munich and the trend towards rural exodus due to the pandemic, prices in the surrounding area of Munich, and thus also in Sauerlach, have risen sharply in recent years.

    Below we have provided a brief overview of the average prices for different types of property in Sauerlach:

    • Existing flats: approx. 7,800 €/m² living space
    • New build segment: approx. 8500 €/m² living space
    • Single-family houses: approx. € 1.25 million

    Over the last three years, properties in Sauerlach have increased in value by almost 40 %, and the trend remains upwards. The average rental price in Sauerlach is around €14/m² of living space. Sauerlach, Altkirchen, Gumpertshausen, Kleineichenhausen and Lanzenhaar are the most popular residential areas in the municipality.

    Conclusion: Sauerlach is one of the most charming suburbs of Munich. This is no longer an insider tip, and property prices have risen sharply over the last few years. As a professional real estate agent for Sauerlach, we support you with a lot of energy and pleasure in order to sell your house or flat at the optimal price.

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    Contact your real estate agent in Sauerlach

    As our valued customers, you are always at the centre of everything we do. Listening is an art that we cultivate. We give you the time to tell us about all your concerns in detail.

    As your real estate agent for Sauerlach, we are at your disposal for all matters concerning your property, house or flat. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a non-binding consultation.

    Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Dürr
    Founder Isar Estate

    Free initial consultation

    Questions and answers about real estate agents in Sauerlach

    How much does a square metre cost in Sauerlach?

    Although the average price per square metre of living space in Sauerlach varies depending on the individual location, condition and type of property, a look at the average prices per square metre can be a useful initial guide. At the end of 2021, the average price for a condominium will be around €7,800 per square metre of living space. In the case of detached houses, the average price per square metre of living space is only of limited significance, as the price also depends heavily on the size of the plot. A detached house in Sauerlach cost an average of around €1.25 million in 2021.

    How have property prices developed in the municipality of Sauerlach in recent years?

    Sauerlach is very popular as an idyllic place to live just outside Munich. No wonder that property prices have continued to rise sharply over the last few years. For condominiums and single-family homes, the increase in value since the beginning of 2018 has been almost 40 %.

    What is the value of my property in Sauerlach?

    The average prices for real estate in Sauerlach are only of limited help in determining value. However, the value of a house or apartment cannot be determined across the board, as the individual characteristics of each property, house or apartment have a strong influence on the market price. If you want to find out the current market price of your property, it is advisable to consult an expert. A professional such as an experienced real estate agent will take into account the many different factors, such as the year of construction, the architectural style, the furnishings and the condition of the property.

    What is the best way to sell my property in Sauerlach?

    If you want to sell your house or flat in Sauerlach, this requires a lot of time and expert knowledge. Even though real estate in Sauerlach is currently in high demand, every step of the property sale should be strategically planned. Even the smallest mistakes in marketing can lead to you selling your property for too low a price. With the help of the marketing strategy individually developed by an experienced real estate agent, you can sell your property quickly and for the best possible price.

    What is the general housing situation in the municipality of Sauerlach?

    You will find many quiet residential areas in Sauerlach. The fact that around 54 percent of the municipality's area is covered by forest underlines the high residential value. Sauerlach is also very attractive for families. In the municipality south of Munich you will find an enchanting mixture of relaxed village idyll and proximity to nature and the city.

    What is the connection of the municipality of Sauerlach to Munich?

    Sauerlach is located approximately 21 km south of Munich. Despite the distance, the municipality is well connected to Munich and the region via the motorway access roads to the A995 and the A8. In addition, you have the option of using the public transport system of the city of Munich. With the S3, you can reach the city centre within 35 minutes.

    What is life like in the municipality of Sauerlach?

    The municipality attaches great importance to providing a good infrastructure for all age groups of the population. There is a wide range of childcare facilities, schools and educational institutions. Various holiday programmes and youth centres for children and young people also make the municipality particularly attractive for families. For senior citizens, Sauerlach offers numerous residential, care and leisure options. Due to the beautiful surroundings, cycling and hiking are particularly good in the region. Many clubs and organisations are based in Sauerlach and also offer a wide range of sports and cultural activities.