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    Increasing the value of your property: things to know before selling your home

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    Whether renovation, modernization or refurbishment: measures to increase the value of a property before it is sold are often associated with high costs. Owners of houses and apartments must therefore weigh up: "What is worthwhile - and what can I do without?"

    The current property value determines which measures will pay off for you if you want to put your property on the market and sell it. A professional property valuation is therefore often essential in order to plan your approach carefully. Read below to find out what you should bear in mind.

    Increasing the value of a property: when is it worth it?

    First impressions count: A well-maintained, attractive property generally sells better than one that is visibly ageing and visually uninviting. In addition to its appearance, a good general condition, high energy efficiency and modern fixtures and fittings are among the plus points that help to sell your property at the desired price. Renovation work as well as modernization and refurbishment measures help to achieve this.

    However, owners often have to dig deep into their pockets. This is because the work is associated with higher costs, depending on the requirements and effort involved. If the value of your property can be increased with a few specific measures, the effort is often worthwhile. Please note that value enhancement measures can be cost-intensive, depending on the measures selected. It is not always possible to offset the costs financially through the sales proceeds. The implementation of particularly cost-intensive modernization or refurbishment measures therefore requires careful consideration.



    Expert advice is recommended in order to correctly assess the potential for increasing the value of properties and to calculate the costs in advance. It also helps to know the target group in order to decide for or against specific measures. This is the only way to avoid making expensive mistakes when you put your house or condominium on the market.

    Before selling a house: what adds value to a property?

    There is a fundamental difference between value-enhancing and value-preserving measures. The latter help to prevent the loss of value that can occur over time. Value-preserving measures include regular maintenance of the property, for example by servicing and checking the heating system as well as roofs and facades. Value enhancement, on the other hand, involves upgrading your property through renovation measures so that you can increase the current market value of your home before selling it in order to achieve a higher selling price. Examples of value enhancement measures that can be profitable:

    Increase energy efficiency

    Energy-efficient renovation or modernization measures are particularly worthwhile in view of the rise in energy costs. In order to reduce consumption and increase energy efficiency, for example, the right thermal insulation is required. Replacing the heating is also one of the energy-efficient refurbishment measures. The cost is individual; find out in advance which individual measures are worthwhile for your property in order to sell it at a profit.

    Modernize bathroom and kitchen

    Increasing the value of your home by modernizing the bathroom and kitchen is another cost-intensive but often sensible measure. Whether underfloor heating or more comfort through a well thought-out colour and tile design: depending on which target group you are addressing and which functionalities are to be fulfilled, special modernization measures in these areas are worthwhile.

    Create additional space

    Whether for families or couples planning to have children, the value of a home can be increased by converting attics, for example, especially in times when there is a lack of living space in large cities. If it is possible to create more space, this measure can therefore be worthwhile for owners.

    Brighten up facades and walls

    Even if it doesn't fall under "modernization", painting the façade is a popular measure before selling a house. Sometimes cleaning the façade is enough to give it a clean look. If there are no cracks and it looks fresh, owners can score points with potential buyers. Minor cosmetic repairs, such as upgrading the interior walls, also pay off. This is another way to increase the attractiveness of a property with little effort.

    Renewal of the floor coverings

    When you enter a house, the floor will leave a lasting impression - and this can also contribute to the purchase decision. Replacing floor coverings is particularly advisable if they are badly worn. High-quality, modern floors have a significant influence on the atmosphere and feeling of living. Tastes differ: while parquet flooring is particularly popular in houses, laminate is often used in condominiums.


    If you want to carry out energy-efficient renovations, you often have to plan a larger budget. The good news is that subsidies and grants are often available if you are considering measures that will sustainably increase the energy efficiency of your property. Whether it's the use of renewable energies, new insulation or the renovation of your old heating system - many things are possible. Funding is available through the Federal Subsidy for Efficient Buildings (BEG), among others. Here too, it is worth obtaining an expert opinion in advance as part of an independent consultation.

    Increasing the value of your home: you should also bear this in mind

    Before deciding on specific measures, it helps to draw on the expertise of experienced real estate professionals. This is because the feasibility of specific measures can depend heavily on the age and condition of the building in question. Comprehensive changes always mean that dangers and risks are lurking. In addition, regulations and conditions that are linked to state subsidies for conversion measures must sometimes be taken into account. You should therefore consider these points before taking any further steps.

    An additional question that needs to be clarified in advance: Who do you want to appeal to with your property? Not every measure is potentially value-enhancing if it does not strike a chord with your target group or the tastes of your potential buyers. For example, a costly kitchen modernization can turn out to be a bad decision, whereas investing in the expansion of living space in a conurbation would have been more worthwhile. Before selling your home, therefore, keep your potential buyers and your needs in mind. Once these have been defined, measures can be planned in a targeted manner.

    Before selling your home: a professional property valuation is worthwhile

    If you are thinking about increasing the value of a condominium or house in order to sell your property profitably, we recommend a professional valuation. We would be happy to carry out a property valuation for you or advise you on your concerns in order to clear up any uncertainties. We cordially invite you to contact us. You also have the option of using our online valuation tool.


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    Every property is individual, depending on its location, condition, structural aspects and age. The question of whether and what potential for appreciation your property has should therefore always be answered with competent professional support. Before selling your home, make sure that you use this potential to sell your property, which often also has sentimental value, profitably and to your complete satisfaction.

    Founder Christian Dürr

    At Isar Estate, we are very happy to help you identify all the sensible measures to increase the value of your home before you sell it. Contact us to enjoy professional advice.



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    Author: Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Dürr

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